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About the Piskarevsky memorial cemetery

Leningrad siege is the most tragic page in the city's history and in the history of the World War II. In the history of wars no city of the world gave so may lives for the Victory as Leningrad did.

More than million people (almost the same number of warriors, defenders died on the battle fields and died in the city hospitals) perished during the siege in Leningrad. Tens of thousands of people died during the evacuation.

There are 186 common graves in the Piskarevsky memorial cemetery, in which 420 thousands of inhabitants of the city, who died from hunger, bombing and shelling 70 thousands of soldiers, defenders of Leningrad are buried. May 9, 1960 on the fifteenth anniversary of the Victory Day, the Piskarevsky memorial cemeter was solemnly open. The Piskarevsky memorial cemetery is world famous, national monument of the history of the World War II, museum of the feat of Leningrad, school for teaching patriotism and love towards motherland.

For the citizens of Russia, people living on the planet, who value piece and calmness on the earth, the memorial became the symbol of firmness, courage, selfless love to the motherland, surprising strength of spirit of the people - victors in the most murderous war in the world.